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Mark Hodder

I love visiting new places. This book takes me to its realities. More like I realized connections and giggled. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?


Any additional comments? I wonder what other books this writer has written.. See Ya. Ok I loved Burton and Swinburne.

When I heard the forward to this book I was excited because I thought it was going to be a Steampunk twist on a what happens to all the people who get lost in the bermuda triangle. The author got the story idea that he read from a journal that was found in a recovered shipwreck.

Sun Also Rises.

It was about two missionaries. I am still intrigued.

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Then it just gets wierd and the set up of the other planet was too much. There was too much explaining of the society. The story was relatively good but too much time was invested in details. I would have liked a little more narrative and less expository. The love story between the two main characters was good because they were both broken in their own way and made whole by each other, but it took a long way to get there, and it was not ultimately satisfying.

The narration was good, but I kept thinking, how much better this would have been narrated by Gerard Doyle, who narrated Burton and Swinburne trilogy; which, did I mention I loved. A Red Sun Also Rises: there was a truth, that little know, close to the beginning of the story. In fact it may be the first time I have heard it since realizing it myself.

It is powerful only less to its truth.

The Blood Gods! Hideous creatures, they cause Aiden to confront his own internal darkness while trying to protect his friend and his new home. With a sharp eye for period detail and a rich imagination, Mark Hodder establishes a weirdly twisted version of Victorian London on a convincingly realized alien world, and employs them to tackle a profound psychological and moral question.

With this one book, Hodder has put himself on the genre map. Enthralling, dizzying, and as impressive as they come. He has a degree in cultural studies and loves British history, good food, cutting-edge gadgets, cult TV, Tom Waits, and a vast assortment of oddities. The beginning is interesting enough: the story is presented as a lost document from Fleisher, who introduces us into his life.

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From there, it all becomes a bit of a convoluted mess. Aiden and Clarissa are transported to a different planet, Ptallaya. However, as time goes on, the world of this mysterious planet becomes more and more convoluted, with four different species that have strange connections to another, psychic powers, the separation of the societies of these species into classes, mind-altering drugs, strange beliefs and magical technology with no scientific basis the latter not being a crime in itself, but, in addition to all the other preposterous things, becomes simply the icing on a cake of ridiculousness.

Eventually, under the heavy weight of these descriptions and a plot that attempts to beat its way through them, the intrigue of a foreign planet, or the mystery of why it imitates Victorian London so closely, simply dissipates. In the midst of what is already a fairly packed text, however, Hodder attempts to insert character development.