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Covers the period of Conan serving the Red Brotherhood, pirates of Vilayet Sea, and having Turan and its rulers as enemies. Depicts events mentioned in passing during "Beyond the Black River", but never depicted in detail. Aquilonia attempts to colonize areas of Cimmeria, building the fortress of Venarium to control the area. The Cimmerians eventually storm the fortress and drive the invaders away. A very young Conan, barely a teenager, participates in his first battle.

Novelization of the film. First credited collaboration for Catherine, though she is thought likely to have co-written, revised or otherwise contributed to several previous novels. A youthful Conan is contemplating marriage when his would-be-bride is slaughtered with most of her family. Conan swears vengeance. He follows the trail of the one responsible across several countries over a period of years. Novel, featuring political intrigues over the throne of Zingara. Conan's career as a pirate of the Vilayet Sea ends in a shipwreck.

His attempt to find mercenary work results in Conan being at the center of a three-way war between city-states. Novel, features unrest and political conspiracies within Nemedia. Conan's seeks vengeance against a Necromancer. But will have to face an army of Animate Dead to get to his opponent.

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A young girl with Elemental Powers is being targeted by more experienced magic users. Conan becomes her reluctant protector. A secondary antagonist is a nymphomaniac witch who needs Conan's heart to power up a Sexbot "Conan the Formidable" November, by Steve Perry. Novel, features a youthful Conan entering Zamora for the first time. But instead of reaching civilization, Conan becomes the unwilling "guest" of a race of giants. And he gets his introduction to the Vargs, a race of Green Dwarves who feast on other humanoids, and to the members of a freak show seeking new recruits.

Having recently parted with his traveling companions, Conan spends some time with the Tree Folk. That is a forest tribe living on top of the trees. His visit coincides by an attack on the tribe by the forces of a sorcerer, who needs the Tree Folk's Sacred Seed to ensure his own survival. Without the Seed the tribe and its forest face extinction. Conan has joined a traveling circus as their strongman, crossing various countries.

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But their idea to perform in Stygia results in their introduction to Gladiator Games Conan, King of Aquilonia defeats an invasion by the combined troops of Nemedia and Ophir. Among the prisoners of war is a court jester who gladly switches allegiance. What Conan doesn't know is that the jester is the representative of a god, aiming to unite Hyboria under a single ruler. And Conan has unwittingly volunteered for the position.

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Meanwhile Koth has just entered a new expansion phase. Conan serves as the bodyguard of a young Argosian noblewoman. His role gives him insight into a culture dominated by wealthy merchants. And to the ruthlessness and deadly intrigues underlying the civilized veneer. Novel, serves as a sequel to "The City of Skulls". Conan and Juma still serve in the army of Turan. But their emperor is about to be betrayed by his foreign allies and members of his own court.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures: Marauders, Volume 2: Winds of the Wild Sea

Conan buys a bracelet as a gift to a girlfriend. But the bracelet belonged to a recently-murdered princess and was apparently stolen from her corpse. His possession of it makes him a suspect in the high-profile murder case. Someone set him up.

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Conan seeks to find answers and clear his name, while facing complex conspiracies. Novel, a sequel to "Conan the Defiant".

Age of Conan: The Savage Coast of Turan - Temple of Erlik

Conan, his lover Elashi, and a number of new companions are trapped Beneath the Earth. In an underground realm ruled by a sorcerer and a sorceress in constant battle with each other. The various sentient races serving them are on the verge of a rebellion. The humans are soon caught up in a bizarre conflict. Novel, features Conan's encounters with a bandit queen. Novel, features Conan leading the rebellion against the King of Aquilonia. Events which lead him to the throne. Novel, features Conan as a thief in Shadizar.

Having recently been outperformed by a female thief, Conan decides to track her down and beat her in her own game.

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  • But both thieves are unwittingly following a perilous expedition into the wilderness. A Hyrkanian warlord attempts to unite all the tribes and create an Empire. A Turanian sorcerer attempts to place this army under his own control. Conan is caught up in the resulting conflicts. Takes place within the city-states of eastern Shem, a desert area. The city of Sark is in decline, consequence of a prolonged drought. A priest convinces its monarchs that a sacrifice to his god could reverse the situation. But not just any sacrifice, but that of another city-state and every life within it.

    Said city is Qjara, a vibrant city which serves as part of a significant trade route. Currently living in Qjara is Conan, stranded there for months while waiting for a caravan to Zamora. Conan joins a tomb-robbing expedition in Stygia. A subplot involving a precious gem has the story serving as a sequel to "Shadows in Zamboula" and a prequel to "The Star of Khorala". Novel, features Conan and Belit involved in a Stygian provincial rebellion.

    Conan attempts to cross the Border Kingdoms, heading for other areas as usual. But he soon ends up in a war zone, with the Kingdoms no longer the relatively peaceful area of his experience. When he recognizes Raihna an old ally from "Conan the Relentless" among the combatants, Conan starts getting interested in his surroundings.

    Features mercenary adventures in the borders of Koth and Khoraja. Serves as a sequel to "Black Colossus" and "Shadows in the Dark". Conan has just ended a stint as a mercenary to the army of Nemedia. He has already lost his entire pay and most of his equipment gambling. So he gladly accepts a new job offer, searching for a mysterious and valuable item. Said job leads him to Sicas, an Aquilonian city increasingly dominated by organized crime. A Mob War between the five main gangs, and several minor factions, is ongoing.

    Deciding that this city of rogues is his kind of place, Conan soon uses the conflict to his own advantage. Meanwhile several parties in the War are also after the MacGuffin. Conan has recently escaped from the mines of Brythunia, where he spent a period as a convict.

    He has retreated to the wilderness and joined a fairly isolated tribe. He is Going Native.

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    But Brythunian armies destroy the tribe and its village. Conan seeks vengeance against the Brythunian ruler. Who is actually a victim of Demonic Possession. Novel, features Conan leading a group of freelance mercenaries within Ophir, a country about to enter a civil war. Novel, features the activities of a necromantic cult in Turan and Hyrkania. Conan serves as an officer of the Turanian Army. When the secret service arranges for him to join a sorceress in a mission. They are to take out a sorcerer whose plans threaten Turan and its empire.