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Laboratory work: Photoelectron spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, atomic and molecular calculations. Lectures and tutorial classes; practical laboratory exercises and compulsory problems set; teaching will also be given in forms of demonstrations and supervision in particular in the context of the practical laboratory exercises and tutorial classes. Participation in the practical laboratory exercises and associated teaching is compulsory.

Looking at the Nucleus

The course will be given in English when necessary. Written reports on the practical laboratory exercises and numerical calculations as well as solving a given number of problems; oral seminar presentation. Uppsala University uses cookies to make your website experience as good as possible.

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Podcast Correlation effects: L-S Russel-Saunders vs j-j coupling. Notes Podcas t Podcast 1 6.

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Absorption, emission, multiplets, and 6J Symbols Notes Coherent evolution Rabi flopping Foot 7. Foot 7 , No tes Podcast 2 3. Podc ast Cohen -Tannoudji As a final project for the class, you are required to review a topic of contemporary interest with relation to atomic physics. Some suggested topics are given below, but are by no means exhaustive.

You should do a literature search using Web of Science, Google Scholar, and other online database. The style of your paper should be a review article, such as in Reviews of Modern Physics though shorter. The article should be of length double column Physical Review pages.

Laser cooling and trapping of atoms 1 Doppler cooling, magneto-optic traps, polarization-gradient cooling. Ultra-cold atoms 1 Photoassociation.

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Quantum information with atoms 1 Ion trap quantum computing. Coherent control and dynamics 1 Electron wave packets in Rydberg atoms. Test of fundamental symmetries in atoms and molecules 1 Parity non-conservation in atoms.

Managing nuclear knowledge : proceedings of a Workshop on Managing Nuclear Knowledge

Atomic clocks and precision measurement 1 Cesium frequency standard and hydrogen maser. Atoms in high-fields 1 Atoms in intense laser fields: multiphoton ionization, tunneling, above threshold ionization. Foot 2. Angular momentum review Podcast 6a Podcast 6b. Review: Hyperfine structure.

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Foot 6. Notes 9 Podcast Saku rai 3.

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Daniel Kleppner, of MIT, is honored at an event that brought together five Nobel Laureates and other leaders in the area. Text HTML. Copy Text. Most popular.