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Thanks, but I managed to figure it out. Lordbeezlebub I found error:. You know, this now remind me of that one movie. Ah yes. I noticed that one. Trying to figure out why that particular one is happening. Loving the concept so far! Keep up the good work. I also tried the 4th question as well, gave me the same problem. Works In Progress. Lordbeezlebub October 18, , am 1. WIP is up, but I still offer you a funny dance. Stats Gunslinging: Like it sounds.

Easy enough. Melee: The use of Close Quarter Combat weaponry to take down your foes. Lordbeezlebub October 14, , pm 3. Umbreonpanda October 15, , am 5. Has potential. Magic and mythical creatures? Sign me up! Nice moves you got there. Looking forward for more funny dance moves. Are you aware the game is set to private?

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All Rights Reserved. Cancel Submit. I know Ryu was a japanese hero ninja but Ashtar, being a sorcerer, could have been a chinese villain who simply came to Japan, in which case they could have based him on the chinese myths still. It fits better since I've never heard of chaos sorcerers in Japan. Quester wrote:.


Remove the intracapitalized 'C' and italic typeface from words containing 'chi' i. Post subject: Re: Mystic China Eratta.

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Posted: Wed Jul 30, pm. Id like to see a source-book or material for Fantasy Mystic china, crouching tiger hidden dragon, shoulin monks era stuff. I think that would be awsome. Posted: Mon Sep 01, am. You don't really need any new material to do that, most of it is ancient combat anyway.

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Just ignore the last martial art pretty much. Mystic China Eratta. Topic Options.

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What do you want to see fixed in Mystic China? Post subject: Posted: Sun Mar 27, am. Ephesians "Professionals are predictable; unfortunately, the world is full of amateurs. Kuseru Satsujin wrote: What do you want to see fixed in Mystic China? The one that made this book not the accepted standard, and instead gave us Rifts' China. That's the best place to start. Post subject: Posted: Sun Mar 27, pm.

Post subject: Posted: Mon Mar 28, pm. Post subject: Posted: Tue Mar 29, pm. If that's the only means for a character to get an initiative bonus then these will become as overused as Boxing and Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Wrestling. Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave and keep on thinking free.

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Tyciol wrote: I want more info on how to obtain the different forms of immortality, they seem too NPC oriented. I agree. Post subject: Posted: Tue Apr 26, pm.