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Adicionar a minha lista de desejos. Practical Oracle Database Appliance is a hands-on book taking you through the components and implementation of the Oracle Database Appliance. Learn about architecture, installation, configuration, and reconfiguration. Install and configure the Oracle Database Appliance with confidence. Make the right choices between the various configurations in order to realize your performance requirements.

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This will stop the clusterware on both nodes, and you will need to manually start clusterware for the 1st node after rebooting the 2nd node. Q: Where can I find more information about Oracle x86 hardware and database support? A: Oracle hardware and database software will continue to be supported as long as the support contract is in effect. It is recommended that you run the ODA-Persistiveness script and maintain the hardware as a generic x86 system.

If you would like to continue to use the hardware platform, it is recommended to run the ODA-Persistiveness script and maintain it as a generic x86 system. Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Database software schedule and support information are maintained independently of the Database Appliance Patch releases. Please consult Oracle Support to understand any hardware specific issues.

Practical Oracle Database Appliance

Since then, additional hardware models have been released with the ability to run the same version of the Database Appliance When applying maintenance to Oracle Database Appliance, it's best practice to back up the ODA system environment local system boot disk. DBAs have procedures to backup and recover the database but it is also important that you are able to backup and recover the environment that runs the database. ODA administrators should have a regular backup plan for their ODA operating system environment and there are many tools available for backing up and restoring.

This is a best practice for any Linux server and we are emphasizing this best practice for the ODA.

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This is especially useful if you encounter an issue during patching; you can quickly restore the system disk back to the pre-patch state. ODABR's ability to backup and restore the ODA system environment gives users a rapid recovery path to the last known working state of their production system and helps avoid a complete rebuild of the underlying environment in the event of a failed attempt at updating or patching the system.

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A Snapshot only uses the space needed to accommodate the difference between the two LVs and this is accomplished by tracking changes between the LV and the LV's snapshot version. It's also a good idea to check the disposition of your backup after it's created and before it's used to restore to be certain it is not marked inactive.

We also suggest that when you create an LVM snapshot backup for patching that you try and patch during off-peak hours. To restore only the boot partition without touching any other files, issue "odabr restore -boot". If patching or updating is successful you can delete the snapshot after rebooting.

You can override these sizes using the command options for root, opt or uo1 to specify a specific size: -rsize -osize -usize As your LVs will likely be larger than your snapshot volumes, there may be insufficient space to track all changes. In that case, you should save the backup to a remote destination prior to patching the system. NOTE: You must make certain there is always enough free space to keep all blocks changes or your backup will be marked inactive for restore, in this case, you must save the backup to a remote destination prior to patching the system.

See the next section. If you have insufficient free space in the volume group to support the default snapshot sizes, use the -osize, -rsize, and -usize parameters to specify smaller snapshot sizes. If using the "-destination" option to copy the backup prior to starting the patching operation, very little snapshot space is required.

Once the copy rsync is executed, the underlying LVM snapshots are automatically removed but if you want to keep the LVM snapshots after the rsync execution, the "-snap" option must be used along with the "-destination" option. Unless you know your snapshot volumes will have insufficient space to track all the changes expected through the patching process, it is a good idea to retain the snapshot as it may be available to more quickly and easily recover in the event of an issue.

For this reason, you must boot the system with a Linux recovery disk to restore the system from a remote destination. Contact support for assistance with any restoration from a remote copy. DBAs have procedures to backup and recover the database but Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides unattended monitoring of your IT environment and key components such as applications, application servers, databases, and your Oracle Database Appliance!

If you are looking for a platform to deploy your Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, the Oracle Database Appliance white papers present a solution for high availability and single instance architectures.

10. Virtualization and the ODA

Run the script from the 1st node Node 0 After the script has finished running on the 1st node Node 0 successfully, run the script on the 2nd node Node 1. Please see more information on Oracle Appliance Manager software qualification The oakcli stack is the original Database Appliance software that provides automated deployment, patching, database provisioning, and monitoring. Over the past two years a lot of work has gone into adding more automated functionality as well as a new UI interface that we call the Web Console. And now that is going to happen on the bare metal deployments with the release of the What does that mean to you?

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If you are running on the ODA with the virtualized platform deployed, then nothing changes with the Your only difference will be the commands that you use to manage the ODA. The oakcli stack is the original Database Appliance software that provides automated deployment, patching, It is good to get your name in the news, right? Well, the good news anyway, but not so much when associated with data security breaches -- especially when it is personal information that can be detrimental to your customers.

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Data breaches can be quite costly to the business in terms of money spent to fix breaches and to your reputation. The Oracle Database Appliance is engineered with security built-in. Their Controls and Benchmarks are a global standard and are recognized for best practices in securing IT systems and data against the most pervasive attacks.

Starting with Database Appliance Each time you run the cis. Well, the good news anyway, but not so much when associated with data security breaches -- especially when it is personal information that can be Oracle Database Appliance has released version After the backup policy is created, attach it to your database and the backup schedule is automatically generated.

What's are some of the other new features? Enforce strong password rules for the Database Administrator Password for new databases and the System Password for all operating system users root, grid, and oracle. If you are looking to dip your toe into the Oracle Cloud, the This Database Appliance release marks a new and exciting time, giving you the opportunity to start testing and using the new Oracle Database 18c functionality and improvements with your applications.


The HCC feature will provide the ability to recognize storage savings achieved from compression. For more information on Oracle Database 18c features, Read the announcement blog. Read the white paper: Introducing Oracle Database 18c. Read the documentation. The Oracle Database Appliance ODA If you are looking to run database versions of The For more information, please take a look the Oracle Database Appliance This Database Appliance release marks a new and exciting time, giving you the opportunity to start We designed Oracle Database Appliance to provide simplicity, reliability, and the affordability to deploy a 2-Node RAC cluster in a matter of minutes.

Appliance Manager is the software that contains the intelligence of the Database Appliance to automate deployment and management of the entire stack from hardware through the infrastructure. Appliance Manager grew over the past few years to automate database provisioning, patching, virtualization management, and monitoring.

Since there were some opportunities to make some changes, we thought it was the perfect time to change it to Oracle Database Appliance CLI. Beginning with ODA X, we started creating hardware-specific books. Each book has a chapter for its command line interface. Below is a table to help you to identify the hardware and software models along with the plan to merge the stacks.

In October , Database Appliance accomplished When you are needing the latest patch information for Oracle Database Appliance, where do you look? Thanks to our tireless Database Appliance technical writer, the Release Notes have the most up to date patching advice and it should be the first place you go before planning your Database Appliance upgrades.

The content of this book is organized by Database Appliance hardware model to provide direct access to your Database Appliance model and version. Oracle Database Appliance Release Notes! Ghostbuster music is now playing in my head! Thanks to our tireless Database Lunch virt-manager 2. Create a new virtual machine Click the Create a new virtual machine button to open the new vm wizard 3.

Configure CPU and memory 6. Final Configuration Verify the settings of the virtual machine and click "Begin Installation". Because a virtual machine runs as an application inside the host computer, connecting it to the outside world needs support from the host operating system.