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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Energy Exascale Earth System Model source code. Updated Sep 23, 21 commits contributors Fortran. Good first issues. Good first issues See all. How to specify initial condition for column RCE model documentation enhancement. Updated Sep 19, commits 1 contributors Jupyter Notebook.

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  • Statistical Mining and Data Visualization in Atmospheric Sciences;

Updated Sep 23, commits 6 contributors Python. Climate science package for Julia. Updated Aug 24, 1 commits 7 contributors Julia. Updated Jul 15, 21 commits 1 contributors Jupyter Notebook. Global Change Information System. Updated Jul 4, 3 commits 12 contributors Perl. Updated Sep 20, commits 2 contributors Jupyter Notebook.

Data Science Degree Programs

Setup requirement. Star 9. Updated Aug 23, 8 commits 1 contributors Fortran. Updated Sep 9, 93 commits 1 contributors Python. Star 8.

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Updated Aug 9, 15 commits 1 contributors. Updated Sep 10, commits 1 contributors R. Making it easy to work with large climate datasets e. Updated Aug 22, commits 2 contributors Python.

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  7. Star 6. Updated Jan 6, 39 commits 3 contributors Jupyter Notebook. Star 4. Discussing the goals and direction of the group. Updated Feb 27, 6 commits 1 contributors. SEA's annual conference brings together NCAR professionals with colleagues from outside the organization to discuss and learn about the latest trends, such as managing big data and cloud computing.

    The trainings are typically in person and online. At the workshops, participants learn about tools created to support resilient decision-making.

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    The Rising Voices: Collaborative Science with Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Solutions program facilitates cross-cultural approaches for adaptation solutions to extreme weather and climate events, climate variability, and climate change. The ULW brings undergrads to NCAR to learn about possible career paths, build a network with their peers, and learn leadership and professional skills.

    Be sure to check out workshops offered at UCAR, including trainings on data analysis and visualization, as well as accessing and using radio occultation data. Visit the events pages of our individual labs to see all the latest workshops offered through NCAR.

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    The expertise within each lab assures breadth and depth across a range of topics. All ACOM events.

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    2. Guest Editorial: Statistical Mining and Data Visualization in Atmospheric Sciences.
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      Data Mining : Data Visualization Techniques

      All HAO events. All MMM events. All RAL events. Featured recurring events Some of our most in-demand trainings, including tutorials on how to use our community models, happen every year or even more frequently. Climate Informatics Workshop The Climate Informatics workshop series seeks to build collaborative relationships between researchers in climate science and researchers from statistics, machine learning, and data mining.