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Was it ethnic cleansing or crimes against humanity? These two definitions are particularly important since they fill the gap that genocide as a strictly defined term leaves.

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It is clear that Lewy does what he promises to do at the beginning of the book. He focuses on historiography and The brief historical context in the beginning weaves the international and Ottoman context together, then explaining the progress of history from the s to Yet, some formative events such as the Balkan and Circassian immigrations are missing in his narrative. Other than the first part that focuses on this particular historical setting, the theme of foreign interventionism and the context of imperialism are missing in his account as well.

Such an approach would strengthen his argument on the importance of local variations of massacres and would explain why these local variations occurred.

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Thus, some overview of secondary literature would have helped. In chapter eight, Lewy assesses the source material on the subject before he starts the reconstruction of events. While he gives due attention to the evaluation of Armenian survivor testimonies, he does not talk about the situation of Armenian archives. His criticisms of Turkish archives are valid; one expects the same attitude to the Armenian archival holdings.

My biggest criticism of this book is about the way Lewy structures the debate on He portrays it as a two-sided discussion as if no one has ever taken a middle route. While criticisms of the pro-Turkish position focus on many individual historians, it is clear that Vahakn Dadrian is his main target in the Armenian camp. Thus, he is selective and the individual scholars he puts under scrutiny do not necessarily represent the full-fledged debate on the issue.

Yet, I really like the way he ended the book i. There is much written on this controversial book and Lewy has been labeled as a prime example of genocide denier. I personally think that a common historical understanding did not form on since most of the accounts reinforce a nationalist vision and reasoning. Is Lewy objective in his account?

It's relation to the Armenian Genocide Debate is the speech has a portion on Ottoman-Armenian history. Memories of a Turkish Statesman by Djemal Pasha - This memoir by one of the Committee of Union and Progress regime's leaders presents a very unique perspective on the history of the time and the state of the Ottoman government. They are a finer and braver race than the two other nations, open and candid, constant in their friendships, constant in their hatreds.

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We are absolutely convinced that the policy of Russia was alone responsible for the enmity between Turkish and Armenian elements. Learn how you can help Armenian Genocide Debate. Featured Spotlight Book One of the best and most neutral books on the subject written by a Holocaust survivor left Germany in Book Highlight. Navigation Contact Frequently Asked Questions. Sep 08, Kerem rated it it was amazing. Sick of reading propaganda books of either side, I found this book quite appealing, having an objective approach only focusing on documents from various national archives and not on stories either side produced and criticizing both sides for their limited focus on 'convenient truths'.

Definitely worth a read. Jun 03, Nick Mecham rated it really liked it.

Revisiting the Armenian Genocide

This is a hard book to read because of the appalling nature of the massacre that happened to the Armenian people. However, it is well written and can be read easily and rather quickly. Jan 26, Balci Kubilay rated it it was amazing. Amazing book that explains almost everything you need to know about this dark chapter in history. A must read for those interested in the events.

The Armenian Massacre Still Haunts Its Last Survivors 100 Years Later - National Geographic

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